Youth will participate in music festival in Brazil

We all know that Mexico has a lot of rhythm and flavor but being invited by another country known worldwide for its music and dance as it is Brazil, turns out to be an honor and so it happened in this case with the aim of spreading the talent of Tijuana, four young scholars of the Artistic Talents Program of the Institute of Culture of Baja California, will participate in the Music Festival in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The director of the Institute of Culture of Baja California said that the four students will move to the exotic and magical South American country to participate in this event that has worldwide recognition that is why by attending this important event, young people will put on high that they are going representing Baja California, Mexico, they will also have the opportunity to learn from the best since they will be able to attend workshops and master classes with top-level international teachers, he said.

He indicated that the young people will also participate in a series of concerts where they will live with talented young musicians from different countries and join the international festival orchestra where they will showcase the talent of Baja California. Of course young people feel excited and nervous at the same time that they will be seen by thousands of people, but they feel calm because they know they have a perfect smile thanks to the work done by the best dentists in Tijuana and they have a smile that shines on kilometers of distance.

Through the program of Artistic Talents of the Institute of Culture of Baja California, it is possible to support and build the artistic development with the quality of the scholars supporting them with their participation, preparation and exchange, as well as the presence of young people inside and outside the country, indicated .

Bejarano Giacomán commented that Michelle Cisneros, Diego Manuel Anderson, Fernanda Salizzoni and Gabriel García Gutiérrez, are the music scholars of the Artistic Talents Program of Baja California that will participate in the Femusic 2018 in Brazil.