Meet The Famous Trompo in Tijuana

If you visit Tijuana for medical reasons such as the Mexico dentist at Brio Dental or another type of service, you may want to stay a few more days to enjoy and get to know the city, one of its many tourist attractions is the Interactive Museum of the city which has won many awards in the category of attractions.

The experiences shared by tourists of both national and international origin have brought for the fourth annual edition the start of the award ceremony “Los 100 Imperdibles de México”, to which El Trompo, Museo Interactivo Tijuana was nominated in the category of Attractions.

This call invites the public to reward their favorite destinations through the official site, being for now the stage of final registrations, to later open a vote among the nine participating categories in 2018.

The contest is carried out by the specialized magazine Discovery Quest Mexico, in coordination with the Federal Tourism Secretariat, to recognize spaces located in the 32 entities of the country in various areas. In the case of the Interactive Museum, it is the third occasion in which it is selected.

During the first occasion, 2015, El Trompo finished among the attractive destinations in its category, which generated both this and the rest of a promotional campaign by the conveners. Retaking the opportunity as a nominee in 2017.

The Attractions category includes places that, due to their type of services and characteristics, offer a unique experience for any visitor. Each subcategory allows maximum participation of 20 nominees from each state, except Mexico City.

By 2018 the voters will choose the following types of places: extremes, ecotourism, museums and galleries, monuments and recreational centers, sports and special activities, scenarios and natural spaces, tours, recreational activities, and, finally, exhibitions.

Despite the insecurity and violent events that have rebounded in this border city, the perception for those living in the American Union is that violence has been contained in specific areas of the region, which gives a sense of confidence to move to different areas of the city.