New Projects For Tijuana, The City in Motion

This city famous for they Tijuana cosmetic dentistry want their own sign to promote the city just like Hollywood style.
The project was presented as an idea to make the border with San Diego, which has flourished as a cultural venue, have more visitors.

In recent years, the city of Tijuana has been becoming the cultural navel of the border; gastronomic, artistic and literary trends have emerged from this city located in the extreme north of Baja California, bordering San Diego.

That is why the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Tijuana, has proposed the installation of a sign with the name of the city on top of Cerro Colorado, which is one of the highest mountains in whose skirts the city has grown. This is a project whose main objectives are to establish identity and further develop local and international promotion, in order to position Tijuana as an attractive tourist destination around the world.

According to a newspaper they want to install the sign on Cerro Colorado with the idea of ​​promoting trekking, as well as encouraging the pride of living and belonging to Tijuana and it is going to be about 15 meters high or 50 feet, so that people can see them from afar and want to go up and take the picture in the letters of Tijuana.

That came up, when we said why not allow Tijuana citizens to see Tijuana on high, in the highest hills of the city. The project has grown, we are talking about a length of 80 meters, with lighting inside based on renewable energy, from solar cells will be capturing the energy and is already an ambitious project.

It is envisaged to build a route of ascent and descent so that citizens and tourism can access the sign, likewise, the possibility of installing cameras and methodological devices that help to make climate forecasts that may be useful is not ruled out.

The Cerro Colorado usually has a message, which varies according to the season, what better in this case that we have permanently the name of our beloved city.

This investment is a resource 100% of the business sector, therefore this sign is not public and the local and state government have nothing to do, he concluded. It should be noted that the sum of investment in the sign, according to what CANACO projects, would be about four million pesos (approximately 220,000 dollars).

This is not the first project with which Tijuana seeks to imitate Hollywood. In 2014, the city inaugurated its own Paseo de las Estrellas, echoing the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The project sought to cover the entire sidewalk of the central Avenida Revolución, the city’s main artery, with national and international representative stars in Mexico such as Laura Pausini, Beatriz Adriana, José José and Juan Gabriel, among others.

This project, also from the Chamber, was not well received by the media or the population and was eventually discarded. The stars that were placed in front of Caesar’s Restaurant where the famous César salad and neighboring businesses were born, have already been removed, so we hope that this project is not halved and concludes successfully.